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My Summer of 2023

- August 24, 2023

In June                 

            During my summer I have done many things. In June I did some practices with my summer team, the bulldogs. I only did one hockey camp that month called iTrain. For three days in a row, I had to get up at 6 a.m. and skate for three hours from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.

In July

            In July we went to two hockey camps, but I only did one. The first one and the one I didn’t get into was in Houghton, Michigan. It was a weeklong and since I didn’t get into it, I went to a lot of museums and learned the history of a near by city called Calumet. It was once supposed to be the capital of Michigan. Right after that camp we went to another one in Traverse City, Michigan. This one was only half a day each day for a week, and we stayed with one of our mom’s friends. After that was done, we were supposed to go on a ferry that crossed Lake Michigan, but it broke down, so we had to drive five hours to our camp and spend the night. The next day we got up early and went fishing. We noticed that there was a cool fishing boat on the lake, and we figured out it was actually the boat of a really famous fisherman named Jimmy Houston. He was actually doing a show on our lake for Outdoor Life. After we were done fishing we got in our car and drove home.

In August

            In august a week later, we went to another camp in Minnesota. We only went with our dad because our mom wanted to spend time with her friends at our camp. That Sunday we went to see the Minnesota Twins play. They were losing by one in the bottom of the ninth. On the first pitch they hit a home run. The next player got walked and the next player hit a home run. In the end they won 5 to 3. The game was delayed do to rain so we had to stay a night. The next morning, we left and drove home. When we got home, we stayed for two weeks but then we left to go to our camp with one of our friends from hockey. When we got back, we had two days before we had to go to a hockey tournament in Minnesota. After that we had to return to school. Overall, I had a really fun summer.

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