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                  Mrs. Alcox’s Interview

- September 16, 2023

Why did you become a teacher?

Both of my parents were teachers and I wanted to say what it was like to see from their point of view. I also love learning.

Did you ever want to go down a different career path?

I did many things. I was also the director of an international firm related to education.

What were your degrees in college?

Law and education.

When you became a teacher what made you go into Montessori schools?

I learned about the Montessori schools while I was teaching English in Japan and it was also part of the training. I thought they were quite interesting.

Does Japan have a lot of Montessori schools?

There are several and as a matter of fact my in-law used to teach at a Montessori school in Tokyo.

What made you come to America?

My husband was from De Pere.

How are Japan’s schools different from ours?

They are different in many ways. We do have a compulsory education where everyone has to go to school from first grade to ninth grade. About 99% percent of people will go up to high school (12th grade). They also have to clean the school by themselves. No cleaning people ever come.

Did you ever work at a different school here in America?

Yes, and also at other countries as well.

How many years have you been working here?

I’ve been here since it opened in 2000.

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