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My Trip to My Camp

- August 26, 2023

            On a Thursday in late August, our mom decided to bring us to our camp. We also brought a friend from hockey named Lorenzo. We also brought our sister up. In Escanaba, about an hour from our camp, we went to the U.P. state fair. We went on lots of rides but the one I liked most was a one where you got into a bobsled, and it would bring around a big post and there are hills along the way. Halfway into the ride it stopped and then it would go backwards. The scariest one I went on (I did it with Kaija) was this one where they put you into a cage and then it would flip and flip while it was going on a big bar that spun. During the state fair, I went on a total of ten rides.

            When we got to our camp it was already nine, so Liam and Lorenzo did a little fishing and when they were done, we went up to our camp and watched a movie. The next day we all stayed at the camp for the whole day, so I showed Lorenzo the badminton net we have. We all just did what we wanted.

            On Saturday Kaija invited two of her friends named Jordan and Live. That night we all had a war against each other. It was boys verse girls. We went on the paddleboards and while one person paddled the other two people would jump off and be torpedoes and try to swim to the enemies’ ship and try to flip it. After we were done, we found out Live was going to sleep at our camp.

            The next morning, we decided to go to church. My mom texted Live’s mom and she said she could pick her up in the church parking lot. When we got there Live left and we went inside. My mom asked if there was a kid service and they said no but that we could volunteer to help with the kids. We said yes and they let us pick between two rooms. We could pick the group that has toddlers or the group that had 3k-first grade. We chose the older group, and we helped during the hour. After that we found our mom and got into the car and drove to a place called the crossroads. There sign said they were closed but their open sign was on. We decided to see if they were open and when we pulled on the door it opened! We went inside and ordered four pasties. They always had fresh, hot pasties in their oven, so they got them in seconds. When we got back to our camp we ran to our back patio and immediately started eating our pasties. When we were done, we played some baseball. After that we decided to portage (its when you carry your paddleboard, kayak etc. across the road, and brought it into a new lake) to little shag lake. We asked our neighbors if they wanted to come, and they said yes. In little shag lake we paddled to some natural rocks that were in the middle of the lake. They were so big! They were about a foot from the top of the water. You could literally stand on them! Then we portaged back to our lake and spent the rest of our day at our camp.

            On Monday we knew it was our last full day at our camp, so we had to enjoy it. We went to a mountain called Hogsback and we hiked it all the way up. After that we went to jump off a place called Black Rocks. Its this place with big rocks overlooking the water and you must jump of them right into Lake Superior. On the way back to our camp we stopped and got pizza.

            The next day while we were driving home, we drove right next to an accident. There were no police there yet, so we thought it had to of happened only five minutes before we got there. When we got through the accident, we saw that there were only five cars behind us. We realized that God was looking over us because we had hockey as soon as we got back, and we could not be backed up because of this accident. We ended getting home safely and had a good hockey practice.

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