- September 14, 2023
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Main Rules             Ga Ga Ball is a very fun thing to do. The point of the game is to hit a ball with only one hand, so it touches somebody else’s foot. Usually, Ga Ga ball is played in a Ga Ga ball pit, but you can play it without one. To start the […]

- August 29, 2023
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Main Fouls             Badminton is a very fun sport where the goal is to hit a birdie (a white conelike thing with rubber on top) over a net and the first person to not hit it over the net gives the other team a point except, it’s not that simple. There are many rules to […]

- August 27, 2023
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            Basketball has many rules. The first one and the most common one is double dribble. The rule is if you hold the ball with two hands (except when you are catching a pass) you cannot move, and you must pass the ball or shoot it. The second most common rule is traveling. Traveling is […]

- August 24, 2023
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Soccer has many rules. There are three different levels of punishment depending on thepenalty. A hand ball and other penalties that are only done minorly result in an indirect ordirect free kick. An indirect free kick is awarded for a hand ball. If you stop a goal with yourhands they automatically get a free goal. […]