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                         Ga Ga Ball Rules

- September 14, 2023

Main Rules

            Ga Ga Ball is a very fun thing to do. The point of the game is to hit a ball with only one hand, so it touches somebody else’s foot. Usually, Ga Ga ball is played in a Ga Ga ball pit, but you can play it without one. To start the game somebody throws the ball in the air and when it touches the ground everybody yells “Ga” and on the second bounces the game starts. You can also do a version where everybody is touching the wall when the game starts. You may only hit the ball once and then somebody else must hit it before you can touch it again. You cannot dribble with the ball or direct the ball with your hand. It doesn’t matter if the ball hits above your waist. You’re only out if it hits you on or below your waist. Also, if someone catches the ball, the person who hits it is out.

Other Rules

            If you are playing in a Ga Ga ball pit and you hit it out the last person to touch the ball is out. When there are only two players left, you are allowed to hit the ball three times in a row. If the game is taking to long another ball can be added to the game. You are not allowed to sit on the walls of the Ga Ga ball pit if you are using one or you will be out.

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