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Basketball Rules

- August 27, 2023

            Basketball has many rules. The first one and the most common one is double dribble. The rule is if you hold the ball with two hands (except when you are catching a pass) you cannot move, and you must pass the ball or shoot it. The second most common rule is traveling. Traveling is where if you take more than two steps without dribbling the ball, the other team gets the ball. You’re only allowed to have five players on the court per team. Also, there is a thing in basketball called the shot clock where you’re given 24 seconds to get a basket. If you don’t get a basket in this time your opponent’s, get the ball. Another rule is, if you get the ball in your half, you must get it into the other half inside of 10 seconds. Another rule is out of bounds. If you throw the ball out of bounds or one of your teamate’s do the other team gets a throw in where the ball went out. There are no rules to how you do the throw in but you only get five seconds to do it. Also, no defenders are allowed to touch the person doing the throw in.

            The penalties of basketball are grabbing a player’s hand, moving while you screen a player, continually using your hands at a opposing player, touching a shooters hand while he is releasing the ball, when you use your hand or leg to throw an opponent off balance, when you hit an opponent with your elbow, making contact with an defending player standing in front of a forward that is not moving, using foul language or arguing with the ref (if you do this twice you are kicked out of the game), performing an act of violence that can seriously injure or harm other people on the court (you can be kicked out of the game if the referee decides so), kicking the basketball, and bringing the ball into the opponent’s half and then bringing it into your half. If you were going to make a basket and they do a foul, you automatically get a free throw. A free throw is where you shoot it from a designated place and if you make it, you get a point but if you miss it, it is a live ball. During the free throw everybody else must stand on two designated lines. After five fouls for one player, you are kicked out of the game. After seven fouls for one team every foul they do after that is awarded with a one-on-one free throw meaning if you make the first free throw you get another. In all, basket ball is fun and complicated.

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