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                         Badminton Rules

- August 29, 2023

Main Fouls

            Badminton is a very fun sport where the goal is to hit a birdie (a white conelike thing with rubber on top) over a net and the first person to not hit it over the net gives the other team a point except, it’s not that simple. There are many rules to badminton with the first one being out of bounds. If a player hits the birdie and it touches the ground (if the other team hits it the rule doesn’t apply) outside of the designated boundaries it is automatically a point for the other team. You are also not allowed to hit the birdie twice (even if your teammate hits it) and will result in a point for your opponent. In badminton whoever gets the point gets to serve. When you are serving if you are positioned on the left side of your half you have to hit it to the right side of your opponent’s net (same as the other side). You are not allowed to fake a serve and you can’t serve overhand. Another rule is you are not allowed to move before the person serves the birdie Also, if the ref thinks you took too long to do a serve the other team can get a point. If you are receiving the serve you can’t do or say anything distracting, if you do the other team gets a point.

Game Length and Other Fouls

 Usual games go to 21 points (will vary at our school) and if the score is tied at 20 points it goes into deuce where you have to score two points in a row to win. If you score one point and then your opponent scores a point it goes back to deuce. If the birdie hits you regardless of where it is, you commit a foul and the other team gets a point. If you touch the net with your body or your racket the other team gets a point. You are also not allowed to touch the birdie when it is not on your side of the net. You can hit the birdie on your side but have your racket go over the net during the follow through. Overall, badminton is a really fun sport.

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